A Patreon? Seriously?

Yeah… I did it. I just took a leap into the world of Patreon. It only took 2 or so years. It’s partly because I’m tired of releasing content and stories to the world and having no clue who is reading and supporting, and also partly because I’d like to create a one-stop spot for limited releases on photography and prints.

Here’s the general plan:

In 2020 I am expanding on the music/festival adventure travel series that began in dRiFFt Magazine. I’m  building it into a solo/independent project that focuses more on the creative process, on my experiences, the people I meet and places I visit.

(Sneak peek): My work over the next couple of years will culminate in publication of a book and the launch of a new brand. Join me behind-the-scenes as I travel, research, learn and explore… gathering content, photography and stories for my book. I’ll put exclusive in my Patreon that won’t be available anywhere else. This will include access to hi-res photography, both old and new, behind-the-scenes stories, video, photos and snapshots of my personal adventures. Some of the Patron tiers include prints and discounts to image merch and licensing. This is designed for bands, festivals and venues I’ve worked with who would like to license content for their own platforms affordably. I’d like to make this a community, too – even bring some of you along when possible to the festivals and shows I’m shooting – or meet up with you when I visit your town!  So join me, laugh/cry/rejoice along with me, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my work.

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