Welcome to G(irl)photographer. One part blog, one part adventure; half an ounce of photography, a gallon of travel, ten cups of live music, a teaspoon of learning, a pinch of inspiration and a sprinkling of magic.

About Me

I am an independent creative photographer, photojournalist and writer, and the founder of dRiFFt. In the last four years, I found myself with opportunities to travel, meet amazing people, photograph amazing bands and experience some pretty cool stuff. It’s been tough as sh*t, though. I’m no world-famous photographer (yet) and I don’t have it all figured out. Some days I feel like a total novice; I’ll be the first to admit I have a lot to learn. Like most of us, I just found something I enjoyed, wrote down some crazy far-fetched goals, and jumped in headfirst. Mom keeps telling me I need to slow down and focus on small, attainable goals. But that’s kind of not how I roll.

I’m figuring it all out as I go. And that’s the “irl” part… because in real life, this isn’t so glamorous. But that’s how you learn, grow and get better. And actually, that’s why I built this page.

G(irl)photographer is a place to share my experiences, the things I learn and some crazy stories. I seem to have a lot of those. 2020’s goals are even more lofty than years’ past. Sorry, not sorry. Maybe they’re out of my reach, maybe not. But I love the creative process and even more than that, I love to write about things. Like… all the things. So here we are.